8 Techniques for Removing Ripples from Curtains

We're all too familiar with the frustration of not being able to buy curtains that are wrinkle-free. The reason for that is curtains are normally folded up for hours or even days on end before they're shipped off. Even then, curtains are only unpacked when they're about to be installed, so that's a while to be folded- resulting in wrinkles, you see!

It's understandable that those ripple-less curtains would be so desirable. So, read on for 8 great techniques for removing ripples on your curtains without hurting the budget!

1. A Little Steam

Wrinkles are caused by moisture, so steaming is a prime choice if you'd like your curtain to have neat folds and pleats minus any puckering.

Steaming your curtains into submission is easy. First, fill your steamer's tank with water and leave it to heat up nicely. Next, steam the top edge, going down through both sides until you can no longer see any wrinkles in the curtain fabric; while you're doing this, smooth out as much as possible with your other hand for a nice finish!

If by 24 hours the wrinkles still aren't gone, then try more steam pressure near the bottom area or use the steam function on your steamer if necessary.

2. Soak It!

Should you not have access to a steamer, water-soaked shirts and a trusty ironing board could be all you need to placate any stubborn wrinkles. The heft of all that wet fabric ought to be enough to pull apart any wrinkles on your curtains.

To remove the ripples from your curtains using this method, fill an empty sprayer with water and spray it along the length of your curtain. Alternatively, you can also just spray the creased areas without soaking up the entire curtain!

3. Ironing Out

Who would've thought wrinkle-free curtains could be possible with just an iron and a little patience? Set your curtain atop your ironing board, then select the lowest temperature setting without steam or humidity on your steamer. The trick is not to burn your curtains! Slowly move over each section one by one, and admire the results after!

iron curtain

Most fabric types tend not to react well to being steamed. Cotton, polyester & linen, however, can all handle the gentle heat without the danger of burning; Key here is also making sure that there isn't any moisture on the curtains when you begin.

4. Steam Room

Don't have a steamer handy? Here's how you can steam your curtains without one:

Hang your curtains over the bathtub or shower and close off the room. Let the hot water run for 10 minutes until your bathroom is all fogged up! Once you return, your curtains should have no ripples remaining. Don't forget to let your curtains rest and dry for a little before using them!

5. Wash It Up

We know washing the curtains is one of those chores that you never look forward to, but a good wash could do wonders for your curtains! Most curtains contain washing instructions that should be followed on their tags. Take a look and follow the instructions, and you'll thank the stars you washed your now ripple-free curtains that day!

6. Wrinkle Spray

No relation to the wrinkle cream you'd use on your face, the wrinkle spray we're referring to is for the wrinkles on your curtains!

To use a curtain wrinkle spray, simply spritz directly onto where wrinkles have appeared, wait for about 10 minutes or more, then proceed to remove the residue with a clean cloth or paper towel before leaving it to dry some more! Once done, you should have wrinkle-less curtains that you and your guests can enjoy!

7. Dryer Method

Most people might overlook the dryer as a means of removing ripples from curtains, but it is in fact very effective usually.

First, place your curtains in the dryer along with a clean damp towel, then run the dryer on low heat for 20–30 minutes until the cycles are complete. Next, check if the towel you popped in still feels moist. If it does, run the dryer for another five minutes on each set of curtains.

Depending on how soon you need the curtains, you can take them immediately or leave them overnight! Either way, they won't have any creases to worry about.

dry clean

8. Dry Clean Curtains

Our above-mentioned tips are not recommended for any "dry-clean only" curtains. The methods above could cause damage to these types of draperies. For dry clean only kinds of curtains, simply dry clean according to the instructions on the tag, or how you would normally dry clean fabric.

You may finally eliminate ripples from your curtains without costing too much. Visit SAG Custom Curtains for the finest quality curtains available.