Drapes and curtains play a significant role in enhancing ambience and providing privacy. We ensure that your commercial space will be equipped with the best-in-style curtains and draperies that go accent and elevate the furniture and colours. You can choose from thousands of colours and exclusive curtain patterns that help us customize for you in a way that perfectly fits the formal or casual environment you work or live in.


Here is why we are the best choice for your curtain requirements:


Affordable Market Price: 

Our innovative supplier chain allows us to deliver customized curtains at your doorstep at affordable prices without compromising quality. We have a distinct feature on our website that gives you an instant quotation so that you can compare the prices with other stores and make a transparent selection.


Price Flexibility Program:

We provide you with a price flexibility program that further reduces the price by 20% to 60% on your purchase based on specific terms and conditions. This is because everyone deserves superior quality curtains that go with their home’s interiors at an affordable price. We are definitely a one-stop shop for your curtain requirements. 


Experienced Team:

SAG Curtains was founded in 1948, completing 75 years of experience in crafting custom drapes and curtains. Our professional designers are always there to answer any of your questions or concerns. Their availability schedule is right here so that you can call or email them as you want.


Free Fabric Samples:

We give out free fabric samples where you can touch the fabric yourselves and find out if that’s what you are looking for. If it matches your style and you feel the quality is up to the standard, then you can happily place your order with us.


Get a quote quickly and easily from our trusted advisors! Our promise is to deliver the best value for your business. If you are not satisfied with our service in any way, please give your valuable feedback. Also, have a look at our Money-back policy!


Get your quotation now without wasting any time, and discover our quality service. SAG Custom Curtains Inc. specializes in delivering the best value to benefit your project and maximize your margins!

  • Best price in the market. From the manufacturer, the product goes straight to you, no in-betweens.
  • We offer great price flexibility! Depending on your delivery time, we can reduce the price 20%-60% lower than the regular price listed on our site.
  • Guarantee of premium quality products and service!
  • Helpful and timely assistance from a professional interior designer.

Leave it to our team of professional designers to help you bring your project to life.

Please contact: customerscare@sagcustomcurtains.com

Tel : 1 514 723 3033

Toll free : 1 888 333 0918

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