At SAG Custom Curtains, we understand the importance of curtains in creating the perfect atmosphere and ensuring privacy. Our extensive range of blackout curtains, sheer curtain options, roman shades, draperies and more are designed to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom or any other space. 

With a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, you can create custom curtains that perfectly match your formal or casual environment. Trust us to provide you with the best-in-style curtains that will elevate your space and complement your furniture and colour scheme.

SAG Custom Curtains: Your Trusted Source for Exceptional Curtain Solutions

Our clients deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their curtains! We offer more than 600 different types of fabric to choose from to make sure that everyone can create their ideal curtains for any space in their home or business. Beyond our exceptional quality, here is why we are the best choice for your curtain requirements:

Affordable Market Price

We pride ourselves on our innovative supplier chain, which enables us to provide affordable custom curtains without sacrificing quality. Our user-friendly website features an instant quotation tool, allowing you to search, filter, and compare prices with ease, ensuring a transparent and informed decision-making process.

Price Flexibility Program

We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. That's why we offer a price flexibility program, allowing you to enjoy discounts ranging from 20% to 60%, based on specific terms and conditions. We believe that everyone deserves superior quality curtains that perfectly complement their home's interiors. With our comprehensive offerings, we are your ultimate one-stop shop for all your curtain requirements.

Experienced Team

Founded in 1948, and now having amassed 75 years of experience, SAG Custom Curtains is a trusted name in the field of customized drapes and curtains. Our experienced team of professional designers is readily available to address your questions and concerns. 

Check their availability here and reach out to them at your convenience through the provided contact details. Your satisfaction is their priority, and they will be happy to help.

Free Fabric Samples

When it comes to quality fabric, most people have to feel it to believe it. At SAG Custom Curtains, we provide free fabric samples, allowing you to touch and feel the materials firsthand. Take the time to explore the samples, match them to your style, and assess the quality. When you're satisfied, you can confidently place your order with us, knowing you've made the right choice.

Get a Quote Today

Whether you're looking for custom curtains, roman shades, sheer, or valance, we've got you covered. Get a quote quickly and easily from our trusted advisors! Our promise is to deliver the best value for your business. If you are not satisfied with our service in any way, please give your valuable feedback. Also, have a look at our money-back policy!

Don't wait, request your quotation today and experience our service for yourself. SAG Custom Curtains Inc. specializes in delivering the best value to benefit your project and maximize your margins!

Don't wait, request your quotation today and unlock the benefits for your project. With our specialized expertise, we strive to deliver the utmost value and help you maximize your margins. Trust us to meet your custom curtain needs with excellence.

  • Best price on the market. From the manufacturer, the product goes straight to you, no in-betweens.
  • We offer great price flexibility! Depending on your delivery time, we can reduce the price 20%-60% lower than the regular price listed on our site.
  • Guarantee of premium quality products and service!
  • Helpful and timely assistance from a professional interior designer.

Contact us now and leave it to our team of professional designers to help you bring your project to life.

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