10 Techniques for Hiding Unattractive Walls

There's nothing quite as visually disappointing as an ugly wall left bare in your home.

Make no mistake, regarding planning out interiors for your space, walls are often not given the attention they need. As your home's walls weather the elements, damages will begin to pop up, and you may need to get creative with how you're going to spruce up your walls!

So, here are 10 genius techniques for hiding your home's ugly walls in plain sight!

1. The Right Texture

Most people would immediately just cover or bar up any room with ugly walls, but those same people tend to forget how texture can play a huge part in revitalizing your walls. Textures can have stunning effects on whatever they're laid on. Consider adding gold accents for an elegant and eye-catching sight for your guests to behold!

2. Try Wallpaper

An often overlooked solution for hiding hideous walls is wallpaper. If used correctly, wallpaper can elevate a space from drab and dreary to designer chic, especially when paired with the right furniture and accessories!


3. Cladding

Instead of painting your interior or exterior wall, consider cladding. It's very versatile and masks your less-than-stellar walls like a charm. Cladding works especially well for any area that you often touch up, such as the courtyard or living area!

4. A Touch Of Green

Green isn't just the colour of nature and money. It is the colour of calm. That said, green walls work well for homeowners who'd like to hide stains or damp blotches on their walls. Green walls also don't burn through your budget, keeping in mind that most come green walls come with self-watering systems to keep them in top shape for longer!

green wall

5. Get Artsy

We mentioned getting creative, and we meant it! Bust out your paintbrushes and spatulas. Hiding a wall could be as easy as digging into your imagination and letting the brush do the talking! And if you don't want to paint over your hideous walls, art could still be the answer.

Using furniture or knick-knacks that match the esthetic of your space can work just as easily for hiding walls instead of painting over it.

6. Panels

Sometimes the best way to hide something is to draw attention to something else! By panelling your space, the walls are less obvious, and any of your guests will have their eyes trained on any spotlights or doohickeys that you've chosen to place strategically. As a bonus, panelling also offers increased protection against water damage!

7. The Cover Up

We aren't talking about a conspiracy. If your home suffers from ugly walls, you can choose to hide them from sight by covering them up with materials to form an exterior cover, such as bamboo. Your house will look much better for it, and it never hurts to have some extra flora around the property.

8. Colours

Sometimes hiding ugly walls just means changing the colours around them! Dilapidated walls will benefit from bright colours like yellow, blue, and orange, giving your space a burst of colour that immediately makes people forget about the wall cracks here and there.

9. Blocking Method

Sometimes the simplest method is the most effective. If you don't want to spend any money, time, or effort covering up your home's ugly walls, simply block it with a cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, or even a fake window placement- complete with a hanging curtain-, and you can say goodbye to those cracked walls!

blocking method

10. A Chalkboard

We bet you haven't thought of this one before. A chalkboard may be the answer to your ugly wall problems. You can easily make a huge chalkboard with some blackboard paint and a large sheet of wood. The best part is, you don't even need to have it installed! Simply prop up your new chalkboard against the wall, write a few things on it, and behold, your beautiful new wall! 

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