Our team is committed to providing all the answers you need to make your curtain installation process the fastest and smoothest. All our products are easily put together, and we provide equipment that helps fit them onto any wall for free! To make the installation process even simpler, we’ve prepared this useful list of curtain installation procedures for your satisfaction and benefit. Check the individual procedures below for step-by-step guides on installation for our custom curtains.

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Prior to installation 

What kind of wall or ceiling you will installing

How to assemble track

Installing a rail rack 

How to install rail track on the ceiling

How to install rail track on the wall

Installing a rod 

How to install rod

Installing pockets up & down 

How to install pocket up & down

Installing Roman Shade Curtains

Roman shade installing Instruction – Inside Mount

Roman shade installing Instruction – Outside Mount

Installing Valance Curtains 

Valance installing on the ceiling

Valance installing on the wall

How to place your tie-back

How to place tie back?

How to install pleat hook

How to make ripple fold head beautiful