The 5 Essential Advantages Of Sheer Curtains

Most people might think of sheer curtains as a useless addition to your home interior. The reason for that line of thought is that most people judge the value of curtains on their ability to block light and provide privacy. Yet that's no reason to disregard sheer curtains. With a well-placed set of sheer drapes, you can elevate the style of any living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Here are 5 of the most essential advantages of having sheer curtains.

Filtering The Light

Don't let the somewhat translucent quality of sheer curtains fool you. This type of curtain can definitely help you control the amount of light that enters the space. Places like bathrooms and living rooms would do well with some sunlight. But when you open the blinds or pull back the drapes, you'd also be exposing the room to the full force of the sun's light from outside.

The addition of sheer curtains to windows that could benefit from some light offers a good amount of UV protection without skimping on the amount of light that it allows through.


Protecting The Colours

As we said earlier, sheer or semi-sheer curtains grant you better control over the amount and frequency of sunlight entering your windows. And while some light from outside washing over a place looks pretty, it may lead to that space's colours suddenly fading much quicker.

To prevent premature fading or UV ray damage to your furniture, carpeting or paint job, it's a good idea to add your own set of sheer curtains to windows that get the most sun.

Easy On The Budget

Due to sheer curtains being made from lightweight materials such as polyester, they are typically easier on the budget than heavier drapes or other window treatments. Installing sheer curtains is a huge benefit for homes with many windows or large or unconventionally-sized windows.

Due to being much cheaper than other window treatments, buying ready-to-use sheer curtains will save you more money in the long run than any other type of window treatment. Maybe you need yours custom-made? Luckily, even custom sheer curtains are far more cost-effective and affordable than ordering heavy-fabric custom drapes of another kind.

Highly Versatile

When thinking of sheer curtains, most of us will remember those frilly, lacy, fussy-looking curtains that you may have spotted in your grandparent's house or on old TV shows. In the modern day, however, sheer curtains are nothing like that.

Modern sheer curtains come in any colour, style, texture, and pattern imaginable. You can use them as a sole window covering in whatever space you'd like, or they can be sandwiched between heavier draperies and blinds to add an extra dose of elegance to your room's esthetic.


Keep Your Privacy

While you might think adding semi-sheer curtains to your bedroom to make sure privacy is the worst possible idea, you'd be mistaken. Other window treatments have their own limitations. Blinds must either be open or shut. Opaque drapes have many of the same issues. Even by only partially opening your blinds or heavy curtains, that room of yours will still be exposed to the outside world.

In fact, the best idea would be to hang sheer curtains behind your other draperies, or before your blinds. That way, you can pull back your drapes or crack open your blinds without compromising your privacy.

Add A Kick Of Elegance

Modern sheer draperies are a great way to polish and enhance the interior of your home without burning through your funds, so consider picking up some sheer curtains the next time you go to our online shop at SAG Custom Curtains! We can provide custom sheer curtains for you.