5 Curtain Ideas For Every Bedroom

How Curtains Can Change A Room

Most people tend to buy curtains solely for their practical function. Curtains block out light and provide privacy, and for several spaces in your home- especially the bedroom and restrooms- this is a must. The thing is, while curtains do offer great practical benefits, you ought to remember that curtains can also provide esthetic benefits. Find the right kind of curtains, and you can switch up the mood of an entire space.

Curtain panels are made of many kinds of fabrics- all of which, to varying degrees, control the flow of sunlight into your home's interior. On top of that, you can even get creative with how you hang your curtains, resulting in some unorthodox placements that bring great character to a room. For example, some curtain types are stiff which works for a simple panel, while others look best elegantly draped. If that isn't enough, you can even choose to layer your curtains for added depth and "oomph". Considering all the curtain options, the possibilities are endless!

Your Special Space Deserves Special Drapes

If there's one place in the world that should serve as your most intimate space, it's your bedroom. It should be a place where you're most comfortable, least worried, and always at peace. That said, not everyone is blessed with a bedroom that matches their vision of a refuge from the world. Yet, there are "curtain" solutions. The trick is, with a few handy drapery upgrades, your bedroom can go from boring and drab to vibrant and welcoming without hurting the budget!

If that sounds like a good notion to you, read on for 5 curtain ideas to spruce up any bedroom:

1. Sheer Makes For A Bohemian Haven

Bohemian-style bedrooms are chic and artistic, making them the perfect match for a space that reflects a creative or adventurous outlook on life. With a Bohemian bedroom style, you can reduce stress, and encourage your creativity at any time of the day. Should you want to achieve the Bohemian look for your bedroom, it's time you thought about adding sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains come in a wide variety of lengths, materials, and colours. They allow light to pass through easily, but still offer a good level of privacy from the outside world. If the privacy they provide isn't enough, simply layer a blackout curtain on top. For the Bohemian room look, consider adding sheer curtains with an off-white or earthy tone. Alternatively, sheer curtains with prints or textures can also work well.

2. Classic White Is The New Modern

If you think plain white curtains are old-fashioned, you aren't up to the times. By pairing clean white curtains with other design elements, you can achieve a striking and modern look with defined lines and eye-grabbing contrasts for your bedroom. To achieve the best effect, choose pure white curtains without any designs. Key to this look is to add to the white of the curtains via other objects in the room. Put some colour on your walls and try some sleek furniture to complete the look!

white bedroom

3. Tie It Up For The Country Feel

A cottage in the country side to escape to when life gets hard might be above your budget, but the cottage look can be achieved in your current residence just as well. To bring a country cottage feel to your space, use tie-up curtains. These are curtains designed with ties at the bottom with a unique shape, contributing a whimsy rural vibe to your space.

4. Beach-y In Blue

Who doesn't love the beach? If you can't get enough of the ocean breeze, bright sun, and warm sand, then it might be a good idea to turn your bedroom into a reminder of tropical paradise.

Start by adding curtains in the shade of blue to your room. Blue curtains suggest water, and combined with wood furniture and a few odd knick-knacks, your room could look like an island getaway. While most prefer lighter shades of blue, dark navy also works well for beach-themed rooms. Don't forget about texture, either. Linen is an excellent material for your blue curtains, and ties in well with the beach vibe.

blue curtain

5. Elegance From The Ground Up

If classy elegance is more to your taste, then we have a curtain solution for that, too. Consider full-length curtains to instantly give your bedroom a more dramatic feel. Window size in this case is irrelevant. Simply instal the curtain rod high and allow the drapes to fall elegantly to the floor.

Your Bedroom Makeover Can Start Now

The ideas we've listed above are just some of the many ways curtains can elevate your bedroom! Check out SAG Custom Curtains product list to start shopping around for the curtains you want, and we're sure you'll have a new and improved looking bedroom in no time!