Despite the pressures of parenthood, decorating your child's room can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you're looking to give your kid the space of their dreams, we have a few tips and tricks to make the process easier.

First, consider what the room's design should be. If your kids are older, try to include them in the design process, as it'll allow them to feel accomplished and express their tastes freely. Should your child be too young to tell you their preferences, keep in mind their gender and age when designing the bedroom. Additionally, if your kids share a room, it'd be a good idea to find a design compromise that includes their style and taste.

Avoid decorating with themes like superheroes or wrestlers, as your child's interests will likely change over time, and these design features will end up being replaced at some point. It is easier and less expensive to replace accessories, bed linens, and knickknacks than furniture, carpeting, or other major design features.

Also, don't forget about the windows! It's important for a child to bask in the sun's light and enjoy the world outside through a well-placed window. You can use their room's window as a primary design element or a supporting element that works well with other features. And take note to buy window coverings that are versatile, easy to clean, and visually pleasing.

And because we want to make things easy for you, here are some great blackout curtain ideas for your kid's bedroom:

The Perfect Curtain For Your Child

There are many different options when choosing a curtain for your child's room. There are various fabrics, designs, colours, and textures to produce an inviting and inspiring portal to the outside world. And also, try not to forget about your child's personality and taste when choosing their curtain designs.

Some bedrooms double as playrooms. In that case, you'll want to easily close the curtains to modulate the heat and light in the room. Pick bright colours for a cheerful vibe; pastel colours to give off a soothing feel, or dark colours for something more serious.

Regarding your choice of curtain fabric, pick the stain-resistant types that are easily washed and cleaned. Additionally, just as important is the curtain length. We wouldn't advise using floor-length curtains for children's bedrooms, as kids may easily pull the curtain down or end up entangled by the cords. Instead, use curtains that end on the sill or just below it.

Imagination and creativity are essential for young children, so curtains with fun motifs, patterns, and colours may work best for their bedroom. Remember that the curtains you choose need to insulate against drafts, keep a room dark, and prevent noise from escaping to the rest of the house.

Blackout curtains are the prime choice of drapery for your child's bedroom. They come in many different designs, ranging from glittering stars to colourful flowers. We offer blackout curtains in various lengths, designs, and colours, so you can pick what works best!

Our blackout curtains also insulate against drafts, create a thermal barrier and muffle noise. They are easy to care for, lightweight, and block light when closed. The choice of stylish headers adds to the décor.

Here are a few of our most popular blackout curtains for kids' bedrooms. All feature a triple-weave construction with soft, lightweight back and front layers and a dense inner layer made of thickly woven black yarns.

green curtain

Gold Constellation Pattern

Blackout curtains with gold geometric patterns resembling space planets will help stimulate your children's creativity. These curtains come in 100% polyester fabric, and both sides are the same base colour. You can achieve a crisp and clean esthetic when paired with a grommet header.

Solid-Colour / Thermal

Solid-colour blackout curtains are a great choice to match the general colour of your child's room. Get darker colours up to 98% blackout rate, or opt for a lighter shade to get a room-darkening quality. Combine this with a rod pocket header, and you'll have a timeless yet relaxed window look. As if that wasn't enough, the 100% polyester serves as a thermal barrier, absorbs noise, and is machine washable.

coloured curtains

Silver Star Pattern / Insulated

What young one doesn't love twinkling stars? Our star pattern curtains come in four different colours and varying lengths. These 100% polyester panels feel like silk against the fingertips. This curtain option is also energy-efficient, reduces noise, and darkens the room nicely. And on the chance that you'd want easily openable or closable curtains, pair them with some stainless-steel grommets for seamless movement.

Silver Flower Pattern / Thermal

If your child is a fan of things that glitter and shimmer against the light, they'll love these soft polyester curtains. They're hand-washable and block sunlight, sounds, or any drafts. Available in eight colours and varying lengths to help you tailor your look!

Gold Printed Dots

For an extra dose of sparkle and dazzle, go for this gaze-holding gold dot design. Choose from colours ranging from lavender to forest green in several lengths. Available in various lengths and just as many colours, such as lavender and forest green.

Thanks to the soft polyester fabric, your child will enjoy a fine-flowing drape that's soft! On top of that, the triple-weave construction keeps the room cold during the hot months and hot during the cold months, saving your household some energy. You also won't have to worry about the sleeping atmosphere, as these drapes block the light and reduce any noise from the outside!

In choosing your curtains, don't skimp on quality. You'll want curtains that age well and look good as new no matter how often you wash them. Should that be the case, our high-quality drapes are the prime choice.

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