What are Zebra Shades?

Zebra Shades are the kind of blinds with contemporary style on the horizontal blinds. Zebra Shades fall into the category of roller shade that may be used to go from sheer to private. The blinds can be adjusted for the three windows that are visible "Zebra stripes run parallel to each other, providing privacy, light control, and insulation. Adjust the blinds slightly to line the two windows "A sheer fabric piece allows light to enter the room. Zebra Shades are available in seven light filtering options and four blackout options, making them an excellent choice for a bedroom or living area.

By just pulling the chain, one can control the natural light levels. Unlike Roller Shades, they may be gently broken, letting some light into the room. Zebra Shades have an interesting twist on a traditional Roller Shade or Horizontal Blind for a living room window. Zebra Shades can be controlled by a side chain that allows you to move the shade so that you can see through the stripes or totally retract the blind so that you can look out. The side chains, as well as the bottom railing, will be identical. A matching cassette valance is included as an option with all of our Zebra Roller Shades.


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Zebra shades are often composed of high-quality polyester, resulting in a pair of blinds that are both sturdy and long-lasting. However, because of the moving parts, keep your sunglasses clean and dusted to ensure that they last a lifetime. Zebra shades are more adaptable than standard shades since they are composed of a flexible fabric that allows them to move around more readily when rolled. Because blackout shades are heavier and opaque, they are one of the least adaptable and costly options. Wood blinds or woven shades are constructed of wood, and while they are of great quality, they may not endure in some regions and are less flexible when it comes to rolling up and down. Zebra shades are really two roller shades of different colours that overlap to provide the zebra impression, thus they're not only versatile, but they also get the job done. They are also very inexpensive because they are constructed of thinner material.


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Customization and Styling

Zebra blinds are versatile in that they may be made sheer, blackout, or anything in between. Opacity may be adjusted to make it almost difficult or virtually impossible to look through. The zebra blinds can also be motorised, remote operated, and/or cordless for added convenience and safety. Zebra shades come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit most windows. They are one of our most adaptable shades, and they can be customised to fit practically any modern window.

Privacy and Light Control

Light filtering and the ability to create seclusion are two of the most useful characteristics of zebra blinds. Because most blinds only provide one of these features (light filtering or privacy), individuals may have to pay twice as much to acquire both. With zebra blinds, this is not the case. By default, zebra blinds provide both light filtering and privacy. Zebra shades will constantly provide light filtering since they are essentially zebra roller shades mixed with sheer shades of various hues. However, to ensure seclusion, zebra blinds must be lowered or elevated such that the black areas of the blind do not overlap and are the only colours visible. Our store includes custom Valance and custom curtains so you get exactly what you are looking for.

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