What are the latest trends in curtains?

There are many beautiful alternatives for choosing window coverings for your rooms. We have a selection of bespoke curtain trends and contemporary concepts for you to explore, regardless of your taste or the size of your windows. Trends in the textile industry come and go, but the trend in furnishings generally follows the fashion trend. Window coverings use vivid designs and colours, like the flavours and details seen in apparel, to create a recognizable colour palette. Window coverings are moving in new ways, giving homeowners more alternatives.

This year's curtain trends are heavily influenced by household structure. Many homes feature huge glass windows, which allows you to experiment with new and contemporary window alternatives. Posh Diggs is the greatest at figuring out what's in and out this season. Windows help to keep your house well-lit and airy, displaying not just beauty but also comfort. Curtains are trendy and widely used window coverings nowadays. When it comes to designing your house, window coverings are a must. They are a fantastic way to add flair to any space. Curtains and shades will enhance your home by giving your windows a unique look.

1. Linen It!

As individuals try to re-evaluate and tidy their houses, minimalism and simplicity remain fashionable. Clean lines, on the other hand, never go out of style. Your living room is frequently the first room that visitors encounter. Making a positive first impression sets the tone for the remainder of your house. Many home décor initiatives aim to create a warm, homey look, whether you were home for too long last year or discovered that your house is your refuge. Layering curtains in living rooms is still a popular window treatment, and it's a simple approach to embracing simplicity in your party area. Layering controls light while creating a rich, luxuriant effect that works well in informal living rooms. For a light, airy vibe, choose light-coloured textiles or sheers.

2. Jungle Fever

Biophilic design has become a buzzword since 2019. Considering how much time we've spent indoors in recent years, it's hardly surprising that nature-inspired motifs are still prevalent in homewares. With the latest twist on the style – jungle luxury – palm patterns receive an update for 2022. We're bringing more of the outdoors into our homes by using complementing linens in addition to rich, green plants. For the ultimate in jungle fever, pair this style with rattan furnishings.

3. Strips or Florals

Kitchen drapes with designs that hide grease, such as stripes or flowers, are ideal. While kitchens have many of the same privacy concerns as other rooms in the house, they also face a different problem: grease and stink. Choosing machine-washable curtains is the simplest solution to this sticky situation. Choose durable materials that can withstand many washing items and avoid ornamental embellishments that may not be machine washable. Patterns are a great way to bring individuality to appliances and cabinets that aren't as colourful.

4. Natural fabrics

To help with sustainability, use natural textiles like cotton or bamboo that can be reused or recycled. Gathering around the dining space has never been more significant as we prepare for more gatherings in 2022. Large dining room curtains or drapes assist in "anchoring" the room and give it a polished look.

5. Mixed materials

For a natural, bring-the-outside-in effect, layer drapes over woven blinds. Introduce historical pieces to make your room distinctive for people seeking a sustainable approach. Look for vintage items at thrift stores or estate sales. The family room is generally where loved ones and close friends congregate to unwind. Window coverings that give seclusion while also providing creative elements that make your room one-of-a-kind may improve intimate gathering places.

6. Modern country

The modern country has charming flowers and country-inspired designs in more neutral hues, from greys and creams to soft pinks and sage greens, and is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Consider it a well-curated country house, with modest flowers in the living room drapes and kitchen blinds set against a backdrop of more neutral décor and soft, welcoming furnishings. For a modern rural vibe, check patterns are also appropriate.

7. Sustainability is good in the long run

Sustainability is always fashionable, and rightfully so. It's now simpler than ever to get sustainable homewares to reduce the environmental effect of your redesign further. Hemp is a thermodynamic fabric that is both ecologically benign and sustainable. This means it will keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's a fantastic option for modern homes.