A Guide to Layering Sheer and Blackout Curtains

It's time to level up your living space, and there's no better place to start than with your curtains. Changing your curtains may give your entire house a quick and easy makeover. Sheer curtains are great for letting in light, but they offer little privacy. Blackout curtains provide seclusion, reduce glare, and can prevent sunlight from entering your windows. So, how can you employ both in an efficient and eye-catching way? We've made this guide to help you make the most of these two types of curtains.

How should sheer and blackout curtains be layered?

Layered curtains can add interest to a modern or classic decor. Curtain layers offer softness and richness to any room. There are various curtain layering choices, whether you want the traditional style of lace curtains and heavy drapes or a stunning modern appearance. Dark sheers over blackout curtains are a trendy look you may have seen on Instagram. Another fashionable look is to overlay neutral materials for a boho look. Here are some inventive ways to mix sheer and blackout curtains to inspire you.

Blackout curtains are preferred over sheer curtains!

Using sheer curtains near the window glass and blackout curtains on the room's interior provides seclusion during the day and at night. During the day, opening the blackout curtains allows natural light to enter the room. Sheer curtains may be closed since the translucent textiles enable light to penetrate, mitigating the harsh summer heat. In the cooler months, open sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible. You may keep solitude and comfort by closing the blackout curtains in the evening.

Sheer curtains are preferred over blackout curtains.

Although blackout curtains can help you sleep better, you may prefer the visual softness of sheer curtains that face the inside of a room. This modern curtain layering design is ideal for putting a new spin on a conventional window treatment. It allows our gorgeous transparent curtain fabrics to shine! Bringing translucent curtains indoors is an exquisite approach to softening the decor of any area. S-fold sheer curtains can be let to dangle to the floor or be tied back for a more dramatic and romantic look.

Curtains that are both sheer and blackout

Combining sheer and blackout curtains can adhere to a classic aesthetic or accentuate a contemporary one. Sheer and blackout curtains can share a single curtain track in living rooms or entryways. Using sheer and blackout curtains alternately along a curtain track creates a remarkable visual impact. This is not a systematic method of curtain installation since it has the disadvantage of not being able to completely close the blackout curtains, making this layering technique unsuitable for bedrooms.

Sheer and blackout curtains hung on the ceiling.

Mounting drapes from the ceiling give the space a feeling of height while also adding beauty with clean visual lines. Mounting S-fold curtains on separate tracks is the most effective way to allow both curtain layers to move freely and independently. Curved curtain tracks feature a rounded finish that fits in with the ceiling and conceals the brackets for an exquisite look. Ceiling-mounted curtains can open to the left, right, or centre of the room or be free-floating.

Sheer and blackout curtains that hang on the wall

Wall-mounted curtains are fastened to the wall right above the window. Different bracket lengths allow both sheer and blackout curtains to move quickly. Wall-mounted curtains often have a centre opening, but you might also use a left-hand or right-hand stack, or free-floating curtains, depending on the configuration of the space.

For blackout curtains, use motorized curtain tracks.

Motorized curtain tracks are an option for enhanced modernization. Motorized curtain tracks allow you to open the curtains from a distance while still in bed. This curtain track type is excellent for blackout curtains. Imagine being able to set a timer to automatically open the curtains, bringing light into the room for a natural waking – no alarm required! You may put both curtain layers on motorized tracks or mount sheer curtains on hand-operated tracks and blackout curtains on motorized rails.

Select the Best Color Scheme

The colour of your curtains is essential! The colours you pick impact the look and feel of your space, so choose wisely. Blackout curtains were traditionally manufactured in dark colours, whereas sheer curtains were made in bright colours. You may now get bespoke blackout curtains manufactured in a range of colours! A classic effect may be achieved with neutral blackout curtains and light-coloured sheers. Alternatively, you may choose a more dramatic approach by selecting a vivid colour that complements your decor. You may combine your sheer and blackout curtains for a clean, simple aesthetic! When it comes to creating personalized blackout curtains and sheers, you have a plethora of possibilities. Our fantastic offering allows you to take your space to the next level and uncover your style potential.

How to Make Blackout Curtains Look Nice

Here are a few ways to find decent blackout curtains and make them look nice:

  • Look for a Heavy-Fabric Blackout Curtain: The fabric of a curtain may make it look either luxurious or cheap. When looking for blackout curtains, you may come across ones made of cheap-looking fabric. You could seek curtains made of a thicker fabric. Curtains made of a nice, thick cloth hang better and appear more luxurious because they flow and move. Many stores display sample curtains in the aisles to see the pattern, fabric, and how the curtain will drape. Could you spend some time investigating them?
  • Install a Double Curtain Rod: Sheer and airy drapes blowing in a light breeze from the window might look stunning. You may do this by using a double curtain. You may layer two sets of curtains when two curtain rods are linked to the same frame. You may hang your present sheer curtain on the first rod and your new blackout curtains on the second rod if you have a twin curtain rod. With this approach, you may get the ideal mix.
  • Use Curtain Ring Clips: The primary purpose of utilizing curtain ring clips isn't just to make the space seem likable. They may also be employed to facilitate moving the curtains, room making pleats and adjusting the length of your curtains easier.
  • Using a Handheld Steamer, remove wrinkles from your blackout curtains: There's no  of tneed to remove the iron and ironing board from the cabinet. You may use a low-cost hand steamer to improve the condition of your blackout curtains.

Neutral bedroom curtains may look minimal – but make no mistake – they can have a maximal effect even on neutral interiors. They can effortlessly fill any void in your decor, whether that is warmth, simplicity, elegance, or just some good-old, eye-pleasing, heart-soothing neutral charm.

If you’re currently considering dressing windows of a neutral bedroom, today’s blog post from our stylists should serve as a handy reference in guiding your search for the perfect pair of drapes. 

While choosing curtains for neutral decor, there are two ways to go: neral on neutral, i.e. pleasant on pleasant, or a pinch of contrast for some excitement and interest. But that’s not all, a lot more goes behind finding the right neutral bedroom curtains and decorating them as per yheour neutral callings. Hence, allow Spiffy Spools to be your decor guide regardless of w two options you’ve decided to go with for your be

Top tips for ‘Neutral-on-Neutral’ Bedroom Curtains

Neutral on neutral

White – the ‘super’ neutral: White curtains are quite simply the easiest choice for a neutral bedroom. They do not take anything away from the other neutral hues in your décor, yet – brighten it up considerably. On a bright airy day, the gently filtering sunlight coming from your sheer white curtains can instantly lift the calm aesthetics of your room. But what when you want the pretty white, but not the outside daylight? Add blackout lining. Or layer your sheer drapes with non-sheer drapery in a different hue of white for tone-on-tone depth. 

Colorblock neutral curtains

Colorblock the neutrals: Two neutral hues, when color-blocked on your window treatments, can effortlessly bring visual interest without relying on a pattern. The key here is to pick the right neutral hues that complement your existing palette. For instance, grey and beige color block curtains in the featured image above, going on with other decor elements in grey, white and tan; oh so pretty! 

Linen Curtains in Neutral Bedroom

Textural depth: If you worry your neutral curtains might fall flat, bring on some textural depth. Take linen in this gorgeous room above. This lightweight fabric is doing a fantastic job of retaining the casual and airy vibe alongside giving the neutral bedroom a whole lot of textural depth. As for a sumptuous display in a formal setup, neutral velvet drapes can do the trick. A velvet fabric, especially in pale shades, can prove to be an inspired choice in a neutral bedroom.  

Beige neutral bedroom curtains

Neutrals and undertones: Let the undertones of your walls guide your curtains search. For instance, think of a pale-yellow wall in warm undertones complemented by ivory-hued window treatments; pretty, isn’t it? Or consider the deeper beige drapes in the room above, cleverly taking their cue from the cream walls.