How to Hang Curtains for Bay Window Panes

Bay windows, known for their architectural charm and large size, bring in abundant natural light and significantly enhance the aesthetics of any room. However, hanging curtains on these windows can be challenging without a proper plan.

In this blog, we discuss how to hang curtains for bay windows in your home and why opting for custom window curtains is the way to go.

Bay Windows & Curtains: What You Need to Know

Bay windows are typically three angled panes that project (and at times protrude) outward from a building's exterior. From an aesthetic perspective, a bay window provides you with panoramic perspectives of your outdoor areas, while enlarging your interior space. They also let in lots of natural light, which is why they are beloved by homeowners and interior designers alike.

Common Question for Installing Bay Windows

Despite their visual and functional merits, hanging curtains for a large bay window can be puzzling. Some common questions we get are:

  • How many bay window curtain rods do I need?
    • You should have a bay window curtain rod for every pane in your bay window. Think of your bay window as three distinct windows, not one big one.
  • How many curtain panels do I need?
    • It depends on the style you're going for, but for a 3-pane bay window, the answer is usually 3 or 4. You need one for each side pane and one or two for the middle pane.
  • I don't want my bay windows fully covered. What can I do?

Step-by-Step Process to Hang Bay Window Curtains

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get into how to hang bay window curtains:

Step 1: Measure the Space

Measure each window panel from the window frame to make sure your curtains cover the entire window adequately. Account for both the length from the sill to the desired endpoint and the width across.

Step 2: Select Appropriate Curtain Rods

Choose between bay window-specific rods, which conform to the window’s angular layout (but can be difficult to find and install), or multiple straight curtain rods (one for each section of the bay window), depending on your stylistic preference.

Step 3: Choose and Install Curtain Brackets

Select curtain brackets that can support the weight of the curtain rods and panels. Position these brackets between 4" to 6" above the frame. Make sure the curtain hardware aligns with the window's architecture.

Step 4: Hang the Curtain Rods and Panels

Thread the rods through the curtain rings before mounting the rods onto the brackets. .

Step 5: Adjust and Fine-Tune

Make final adjustments to the curtains, so that they hang evenly and that they cover your window to the degree you like.

SAG Custom Curtains - Creating Your Perfect Ambiance

Custom window curtains are great no matter what kind of window you're dealing with, but they are especially practical for bay windows. Hanging curtains on your bay windows can accentuate their visual appeal and function in your space. With the steps we've provided here, you're ready to get your bay window curtain project started, but, if you truly want to simplify the process and bring your vision for your room to life, get your curtains from SAG.

At SAG Custom Curtains, we can tailor your desired aesthetic to fit the unique angles and non-standard sizes of your bay windows. With a vast selection of window treatments that includes custom blackout curtains, custom sheer curtains, custom valance curtains, and more, we have everything you need to realize the full potential of your windows. Contact us today to discuss your window treatment project!