How to Cover Entire Wall With Curtains

Wall-length curtains are a fantastic way to transform the spaces in your home. 

Luxurious, opulent, dramatic, sophisticated, and stylish are just a few of the ways modern interior designers like to describe wall covering curtains. For us, this decor trend is all about styling flexibility. 

Whether you want a dramatic backdrop or are looking to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, covering an entire wall with curtain panels can make it happen!

If you have been wondering about the steps involved in covering a whole wall with curtains, simply follow the steps in this short guide. A new look for your home awaits!

Planning and Preparation

Design Considerations - Before you begin, it's important to plan your design. Choose a curtain style that complements your room decor. Heavier fabrics (think velvet) create a luxurious feel, while lighter materials, such as linen, help create a more relaxed vibe. Now is also the time to decide if you want to go with curtains that are more decorative, like custom made sheer curtains, or if they also need to block light or provide privacy.

Gathering Tools & Materials - Make sure you have all the right tools and materials you need to hang curtains before starting. The essential tools for this type of project includes a measuring tape, pencil, screws, and a drill with the appropriate bits to punch holes and screw in your hardware. 

Your choice between a curtain rod or tracks really comes down to personal choice and your desired look; the only practical consideration is that the rod or track is long enough to cover the entire length of the wall. 

Accurate Measuring

Measurement Techniques - If your measurements are off–even by a little–it can have a huge effect on the final results, which is why accurate measurements are must-haves for the entire process. Measure the width and height of your wall. For a more dramatic effect, add extra length to allow the curtains to pool slightly on the floor.

To be extra sure, measure everything twice!

Hardware Installation

Curtain Rods and Tracks - Selecting the right type of rod or track for covering walls is more important for aesthetic reasons than practical reasons, as most modern curtain hardware is robust enough to support even the heaviest curtains. Curtain rods offer a traditional look, while tracks provide a sleek, modern appearance. 

To install your hardware securely:

  1. Mark the positions for your brackets or track mounts.
  2. Create pilot holes that are evenly spaced and insert wall anchors.
  3. Attach the wall brackets or mounts. Make sure they are level.
  4. Secure the rod or track in place.

Hanging Curtains

Even and Secure Hanging - Make sure that the curtain rings of your custom curtains are evenly distributed along the rod or track. There are both aesthetic and practical reasons at play here; the weight should be evenly distributed.

If an elegant feel is your ultimate goal, the desired length should just touch the floor or pool slightly. Use tiebacks or holdbacks to manage the curtain fabric; they can add an extra element of style and an additional focal point.

Styling and Finishing Touches

Layering and Accessories - To add depth and texture, consider layering different fabrics. Sheer curtains underneath a heavier drape creates a beautiful, layered effect. Accessories like decorative tiebacks, custom valance curtains, and unique curtain rods can further enhance the overall look. 

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