Can long curtains make a room look bigger?

There are several things you can do to make a space appear larger visually. Nobody can tell that your rooms are small if you properly arrange them. The easiest way is to allow a lot of light into the space. The light that enters your home is mostly determined by the windows. As a result, while selecting drapes, more caution is required. You may make your rooms appear not only warmer and more fascinating but also brighter and more spacious, by using the proper drapes.

Up up and Above

When you put the curtain rod close to the ceiling rather than at the window frame, classic panel curtains make a space appear more expansive. The eye is drawn upward along the length of the curtains by sleek, floor-length panels, providing the appearance of height. In rooms with ceiling mouldings, hang curtains approximately 4 inches above the window frame, and up to 6 inches in areas without mouldings.

Vertical is better than Horizontal

Vertical stripes on sheer, lightweight drapes lend height to a tiny area. Texture and airiness are added by muted patterns or plaids in lightweight fabrics with vivid vertical stripes or open-weave drapes with vertical motifs woven into them. Avoid horizontal patterns with a lot of color or huge floral designs, which tend to dominate a room and make it feel smaller. To maintain uniformity, choose a hue that is the same as or slightly lighter than the walls. Drapes that are heavy and dark in hue pack a room, making it appear smaller.

The Secret Ingredient: Curtain Rods

Curtain rods that are adjustable or lengthy solid curtain rods serve to give the appearance of space. When you extend a decorative curtain rod to its greatest width and attach it to the wall near the ceiling, you may completely open the curtains, framing the window and any furniture in front of it, making the window appear larger and allowing more light into the room.

Longer Curtains

You should only use lengthy curtains in a tight place unless the arrangement of your room prohibits it. Curtains, contrary to common thought, do not make small rooms appear congested if you choose the appropriate ones. As a result, avoid using mid-length or window-sized curtains. They will just underline your room's space constraints while doing little to extend the window. You may bring out the romance in you by allowing the drapes to spill on the floor. Alternatively, you may channel your practical side and hang them just an inch from the ground. They'll be less likely to become dirty and won't get in the way when you're cleaning the floor this way.

Texture Matters

Consider selecting tougher fabrics if you merely want to use curtains as decorative window decoration. Heavier textiles would be simpler to draw back at the window frame's sides, leaving the window open. They have the additional benefit of seeming more costly and opulent. In any case, keep in mind that the purpose is to let light in. A space that receives natural light appears to be airy and expansive. Heavy, opaque textiles are not your friends in this situation; they may clog the area, darken it, and make it stuffy.

Lighter Colors

Light-coloured materials, in accordance with the preceding suggestions, should be used to allow for plenty of natural light. The safest choices are plain white, silvery grey, or beige. They enable light into the space, making it feel more open and inviting. Choose an off-white colour like greige or eggshell for a similar but mellower look. Also, keep in mind that warm, sunny tones like pale yellow, pastel pink, or light apricot will make the space feel equally big and pleasant.


Vertical stripes are one such design that can be relied on to add to the available space rather than detract from it. Vertical lines may stretch any canvas, much like they do in fashion. As a result, if you want your ceiling to appear taller than it is, this design is the way to go. Choose narrow stripes rather than large stripes, and pastels over jewel tones for the greatest results.


Curtains, depending on their design, may make a space appear smaller or larger. Thick and heavy curtains are notorious for making a typical space appear smaller, while sheer curtains made of light-coloured textiles are perfect for visually expanding the size of a room. Average-sized windows are likely to be found in your home. You may, however, make them larger visually. Not only will larger windows let more light inside, but they will also create the impression of additional space. That's when well-placed drapes come in handy.