Best Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas

While looking for your living room interior, most people overlook window treatments. Embellishing your windows is as important as sourcing your living room furniture. Curtains and drapers bring ambient and style to your room. Moreover, they protect your living environment from contaminants and air-borne particles. Give a cozy appearance to the room by allowing only filtered light. 

Therefore, it is significant to style your living room with good fabric and subtle-look curtains. Introduce a contemporary and sleek design to your room by getting suitable curtains complementing your interior. 

Exotic Curtain Designs for Refreshing Your Living Room

Here you can get your favorite designers living room curtain ideas - from sleek strip designs to blackout ones. This comprehensive overview will fetch you the best designs, matching your aesthetic sense and budget. 

Plush Pink

This floor-to-ceiling curtain design will make your living room spacious and grand. The soft pink hue gives an uplift to your living space. Additionally, you can add a coffee table and grandiose couch to boost the look. This unique blend perfectly fits a well-designed and contemporary living room. With these plush pink curtains falling from your ceiling, you can feel energetic yet lush. 

It provides a tailored look with its sweet blend of pink color and sleek fabric. Essentially, it goes well with pastel-colored walls. Opt for them if you are a plain pink curtain lover. 

Sleek Strip 

Strip design never goes out of fashion. You can match the strip curtain design with your living room furniture and other ornaments. These pattern curtains exhibit a cohesive look to your living room. 

Moreover, you can have strip pillows and a couch matching your luxurious strip curtains. Curtains' geometric designs accessorize your living room and uplift its overall appearance. 

Semi-sheer white

Semi-sheer white curtains are suitable for those who want maximum sunlight and air in their living room. These curtains present an airy and luminous atmosphere by being transparent to light and air. Consequently, making your living room bright and breezy. The fabric gracefully fits well with your window frame.

The semi-sheer white curtains brighten up the room by blocking less sunlight. The minimalist design and airy atmosphere can make your morning perfect. You can enjoy your morning tea or sunset coffee while treating yourself to mild sunlight and air. 

Water-smeared effect

Instead of looking for a solid color, you can have a blended pattern. This watercolor effect gives an abstract look to your curtains. With this brushstroke of watercolor paint curtains, you can have a subtle look for your living room interior. Plenty of color schemes are available for curtains. Hence, choose the right one matching your living room interior. 

For instance, you can have indigo blue vines and white curtains matching your intricate furniture and subtle-looking walls. 

Floral prints

These floral prints are good to go if you own a modern residential property. Their comeback has gained massive applause from consumers. This floral or botanical print comes in a variety of colors and textures. Moreover, these bustling prints offer incredible options to match your aesthetic sense. 

Although these prints are traditional, they can blend well with your modern living room. Choosing the right scale and balanced color density can offer what your modern living room wants. With this, you can make your background visible that doesn’t opaque the light. Additionally, you can have this excellent print on any fabric. 

Ombre design

This swift transition of color and the perfect blend is all that you can desire for your living room. Instead of having sharp, solid colors, you can bring this smooth transition. The right contrast and perfect blend should be your next choice. Unlike those bold colors, this pop-up color scheme on your ombre curtains gives a pleasant effect. 

What will wonder your guests is its waterfall appearance. When you enter your living room, you will soothe your eyes with a perfect color density, smooth transition, natural blend, and intricate style. 

Solid linens

Instead of having patterns, you can play around with color and texture. Linen curtains are another reliable alternatives for those yearning to have a subtle yet pleasant look. Moreover, your living room interior works as a perfect guide in choosing the right color and texture for solid linen curtains. 

Many prefer classic white or warm grey fabric for solid linen curtains. Hence, it is up to you to go for a graceful and minimalistic look or a masculine and dramatic one. With their neutral color palette, design and bring value to your living space. 

Soft blue

Setting classy soft blue curtains can give a whiff of relaxation and serenity. When you enter your living room, you eventually breathe in a comfy and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, to embellish your living room, you can add floral sofas and a solid color coffee table. This way, with soft blue curtains, you can achieve a classic, stylish look with a minimal approach. 

With these soft blue curtains, you can feel extra cozy. Further, it incredibly boosts the elegance and style of your living room. Essentially, these monochrome curtains bring a refined and sophisticated look to your living room. 

Crest fold

These crest fold curtains bring intricate style to your living room. These are ideal if you are looking for a contemporary and classy design. You can have these evenly spaced crest folds to get a sophisticated look. When stacked neatly together, ripple folds don’t overshadow patterns on curtains.

 Further adding to the living room, these crest folds offer a bright and spacious room with maximum light input. Even when fully opened, it offers an uncluttered look and contemporary settings. 

Heathered Gray

Grays never go out of style, especially in a contemporary setting. You can preserve your living room's warmth and dramatic effect by hanging them. Moreover, you can add different textures and subtle designs to these gray curtains. A perfect living room with chic furniture is vacant without heathered gray curtains. 

Further, you can add contrast to the walls and give a new essence to the living room. You can offer a distinctive touch with these heathered gray curtains. Bring the dynamic element and grace with these curtains. 

Color block

Are you confused between two colors? What if you can have them both? Yes, with color block curtains, you can add your two favorites in a single one. The color block design lets you have the primary color and a smaller portion of another color. Hence, you can adjust these colors either vertically or horizontally. 

You can have this scheme if you have a neutral living room. Hence, with it, you can add dynamic and versatility to your room. 

Geometric patterns

A geometrically crafted curtain gives a distinctive look to your window frames and walls. It's trendy to feature these intricate patterns on your curtains. Moreover, you can have a variety of designs that can complement your interior setting. With geometric patterns, offer a bold statement and style for your living room. 

To give a dramatic look, you can have diamonds, zigzags, connected triangles, heterogeneous patterns, and many other designs. However, one must choose wisely, as a misfit can ruin your entire interior. Embellish your walls and living room interior by choosing these extraordinary designs. To give your home that unique look, consider us for premium custom made curtains shipped right to your door.